AfterBefore believes in the magic of transformation, not only in photographic work but in every aspect of life. We seek fulfillment in transformation, to constantly improve ourselves and to prove our ability in creating new interest and ideas. Owning a big studio was merely just a dream during the 2nd year of business and least expected... now its a reality.
Puchased in July 2008, we only started renovation in Feb 2009 and took one-painstaking-year to recreate the entire house. The renovation of the house works with few principles in mind:
  • To create and renovate with both practical and artistic value together BUT with minimal budget to work on. (Although the final cost is more than 80% of the available budget, the estimated cost of hiring a contractor is 200% more than the actual renovation cost now.
  • To create a working space that is comfortable, fun-filled, easily moved and tranformed and yet is still a great place for home. We want the house to be extremely flexible to change anytime we want.
  • To build a house as a centre of business activity, not just purely photographic studio but also a place to allow diversification of our business in the future.
  • Most importantly to show the transformation of 'after' from 'before', which is our core value of business. Everything is possible! Difficult but it's possible. With no experience in house renovation at all, we have actually transformed the entire house. Who says photographer can't build a house?
FEB 2009
Breakin of structure and walls.

APRIL 2009
Cleaning of the garden compound and reconstruct the building.

JUNE 2009
Main structure in progress. Contruction of walls and interior.
NOV 2009
Main structure and interior ready. Began work on painting and interior design.
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