The Mansion invites you to a world of artistic flair and portraiture style that will mesmerize you till the very end. I believe in the art of transformation, and that is to bring out the very best in you. Forget about the old boring portraits! If you are looking for portraits work that is HIGHLY ENGAGING, FULL OF FUN, VERY SENSUAL... and most important of all…
TO TRANSFORM YOU… then you've come to the right place.



Making me beautiful in the photographs isnt just it, you gave me back my confidence and allowed me to show myself in public with a different view. Thank you for making me sexy, beautiful inside and out, not to forget that glamorous feeling .. and so much fun doing it too! A million kisses to you!

William is not just a photographer, he makes people look and feel beautiful. He puts his heart and mind into what he does. Thank you William! If it weren’t for your heartfelt guidance and utmost support, I would not have come this far today.

You question why and he will question "why not?"....To him, everyone is beautiful in their own way and I guess the "ugly duckling" will be the most humble words to describe his style. Don't get me wrong as I am not saying that you are ugly but he is a superb and professional photographer who believes that you are unique. He has faith in you and he will boost your confidence and from that very moment, you will realize that all these while, the hidden-you can actually do the things beyond the sky limit.

When I did the shooting I feel that I do have the potential to be a model. Well, I did not went and persuit my modelling dream but it sure does make me feel more confident and I know I got the look and believed the fact that there's no such thing as ugly girls.

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