Above are the three most common comment by wedding couples that best describe the Expressionist and occasionally, a photographer thats shoots like two photographers.

An award winning photographer, William Lim Way Liam
started taking photographs professionally at 18 when he was pursuing his Diploma in Graphic Design. He has change under his belt, 15 years of experience covering more than 300 weddings to date. Travelled to Australia, Thailand, Japan and Singapore, he believes photographing people does not exist by itself, but should be combined with good hairstyling & make-up, attire and settings of the location. He is the ideal photographer that will go the extra mile for a perfect shot.

Eccentric to the core, he always reinvents himself and his work. At a wedding, you’ll be impressed with his speed in capturing the most spontaneous of moments. He is swift in moving amongst the crowd, and you’ll barely notice him, except when he starts being his friendly self, interacting with your guests and taking group photos. Although graduated from Curtin University, Australia in Design Photography, he credits his skills to years of trial and error as well as experimenting with different methods. His commitment towards photography was evident when he enrolled in professional hair & make-up course to understand other areas of photography better.

He conceptualized AfterBefore as a channel for his creative output as well as an opportunity to realize his pursuit of photography. He sincerely believes that every action represents a transformation from Before to After.

Apart from wedding photographic work, The Expressionist created and built THE MANSION - a new concept of “boutique” studio spanning more than 4000 sq ft of build space and additional 3000 sq ft of land area.

Opened at the end of 2010, THE MANSION is currently THE ONLY boutique studio IN MALAYSIA that are specially designed, furnished in themes to very careful details that evoke ones TOUCH, SIGHT and EMOTIONS. THE MANSION also housed the latest collection of wedding work at the gallery section..